Geochempet Services is uniquely qualified to provide

  • TMR QLD Quarry Certification
  • Petrographic analysis for construction materials using Australian and international standards
  • Petrographic analysis for silica content (crystalline) in natural and manufactured products
  • Petrographic analysis for asbestos content in natural and manufactured products
  • Petrographic consultancy services and expert technical advice on the compliance, performance and durability of construction materials, and assessment services, technical troubleshooting
  • Forensic petrographic analysis of Concrete Core for potential Alkali-Silica Aggregate Reaction (ASR) and Delayed Ettringite Reaction (DEF)
  • Petrographic examination of mineral exploration samples with description of mineralogy, modal % minerals and petrogenesis
  • Frictional ignition testing of sediments using Ward’s Classification diagram
  • Petrographic analysis to determine roundness and sphericity based on American petroleum institute
  • Heavy mineral counting in sands
  • Shape analysis (Section 7 of the American Petroleum Institute – AP19C)
  • Thin Section – Polished and Standard Thin Sectioning