Geochempet Services is uniquely qualified to provide:

  • Standard Petrographic analysis services for construction materials
  • Petrographic testing of materials for use in infrastructure projects
  • Petrographic consultancy services or technical advice on the quarry assessments, compliance, performance and durability of construction materials, assessment services and technical troubleshooting
  • Forensic petrographic analysis of Concrete Core for potential Alkali-Silica Aggregate Reaction (ASR) and Delayed Ettringite Reaction (DEF)
  • Petrographic analysis for silica content (crystalline) and asbestos content in natural and manufactured products
  • Expert technical advice using Petrographic techniques on material compliance, performance and durability, material diagnostic or related issues
  • Petrographic examination of mineral exploration samples with description of mineralogy, modal % minerals, petrogenesis and heavy mineral counts
  • Frictional ignition testing of sediments in coal deposits using Ward classification diagram
  • Shape analysis

All testing is carried out under strict guidelines, according to standards and the results are handled with the strictest confidence.