Thin Section Services


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Formally called Petrographic International now part of Geochempet Services, we have a full-service sample preparation laboratory with experienced technicians and fast turnaround. Including but not limited Polished and Standard Thin section preparation (on natural and man made materials), polished core preparation as well as other sample preparations.

We have worked on samples from all around the World including Japan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Africa, America and Canada. We have also done work on extraterrestrial rock samples obtained from meteorites. We have worked with the electronic and the development industry to produce thin sections used to evaluate product design and ensure that their given product meet the standards expected.

We understand that samples are often very rare and very expensive to obtain and always treat them with the respect that a client would expect.

  • Standard Thin Section
  • Polished Thin Section
  • Resin Grain Mounts
  • Sample Prep
  • Core Polishing
  • Rock Cutting